Rat-Tail Rifle Support


Reduced Shoulder Strain and Better Support for Your Rifle

The Rat-Tail Rifle-support helps reduce your rifle’s weight while it’s slung on your shoulder. It also keeps your rifle stock close to the body and out of the way when you’re trekking – for a more relaxing, comfortable and safe hunt.

  • Elastic design absorbs shock and prevents bouncing, eliminating shoulder pain and fatigue
  • Adjustable design ensures a snug fit
  • Attaches easily to pack waist support or belt loop
  • Made in the USA

Lighten your load & Give your shoulder a rest

 With your rifle slung and the rear stock resting securely in the Rat-Tail, your rifle's weight is distributed across your entire frame; from the shoulder to the hip. The strain on your shoulder is significantly reduced, resulting in greater comfort over longer treks.

The Rat-Tail Rifle-support quickly attaches to the hunter’s backpack waist-support or belt loop and is non-binding, allowing quick access to your rifle when needed, and tucks away when not in use.

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